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CPHS_English 9 - Speech Research: The Research Process

What Is Research?

Research is a systematic, rigorous process of critical thinking and solving problems.

Research is something you do all the time! When does this movie start? Is that restaurant any good? What song is this? What time is the game on tonight? That actress looks familiar...what's she been in?

Research can be really hard, but that's because the types of papers you'll be writing form now on go beyond a simple report. We want you to answer a question, and that will usually mean that you need to find little bits from a bunch of different sources and combine those bits to make your own argument. 

Big 6

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The Big6 Research Process

Steps of the Big 6 Research Process

1. Task Definition
    -What is my current task?
    -What are some topics or questions I need to answer?
    -What information will I need?
2. Information Seeking Strategies
    -What are all the possible sources to check? 
    -What are the best sources of information for this task?
3. Location and Access
    -Where can I find the information in the source?
    -Where can I find these sources?
4. Use of Information
    -What information do I expect to find in this source?
    -What information from the source is useful?
5. Synthesis
    -How will I organize my information?
    -How should I present my information?
6. Evaluation
    -Did I do what was required?
    -Did I complete each of the Big6 stages efficiently?


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