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CPHS_English 9 - Speech Research: Assignment Overview


Research Paper Assignment


We will work on this assignment throughout this unit. You will be required to use your research skills in order to create an outline--and then a full-length research paper--providing sources and information critiquing a great speech from history. You will do all the research and work finding sources online, create an outline, research paper, and works cited page in APA format. This will be typed and turned in online on Google Classroom.


Prompt: Find a great speech from history to critique and do research on. Make sure it’s a speech you enjoy that interests you! Next, do research and find historical context of the speech and author, critiques of the speech by experts, and lastly, include your own critique of the speech. Create the outline first, and then you will have time in class to create a paper from your outline.



  • 2-3 historical context sources

  • 2-3 expert critiques

  • 1 personal critique

  • 4-6 sources TOTAL to be used cited

  • Works Cited in APA format


Worth 50 points.


Name of my speech:___________________________________________________________