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CPHS_English 9 - Speech Research: Use Information Seeking Strategies


The first step in using a SEARCH ENGINE like Google, is to parse out your research question to come up with effective SEARCH TERMS.Take your research question and:

  • Circle key words.
  • Cross out unnecessary words.
  • Come up with alternative phrasing.

Example: Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech

  • "martin luther king"
  • "I Have a Dream"
  • speech
  • analysis
  • impact

The first thing you should look at when considering whether or not a website might be useful is the URL (the web address). The most typical COMMON DOMAINS (the last three letters in the main part of the address) that you will see are:

.com (commercial website - their purpose is generally to sell you something - generally not good for scholarly research)

.org (generally a not for profit organization 

.gov ( a government website)

.edu (an educational website)

Only use Wikipedia to get an overview of your topic - not as one of your sources!