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Understand your Responsibilities


Ask, "What's the task?  What types of information do I need?"

Think about the final product you will need to create, and consider what special requirements you need to follow! 


Your Assignment

Career I-Search


You will be researching a career that you are interested in. 


You will need to

____ write at least six questions you want to answer     -  

      (example: What education do I need to have for this career?  What does a ___ do every day?)                                              

____find 2 or more good secondary sources    -   

____ find 1 or more good primary source(s)   -        

____ Make source cards (one card per source) -  

____ Write your reference page.  Must have 3 sources!   (Any sources you add later need to also be added.)             

____ Take notes from your sources on notecards.  Write summaries of what you learn from your source.  If you want to “quote” something, make sure you copy carefully.  Each notecard should include the name of your source. - 

____ Write your thesis statement and fill out a graphic organizer that outlines the three sections of your essay. - 

____ Type your first draft.  - 

____Read and revise your first draft.  

____ Have a peer read your paper.  Edit your paper.  - 

____ Turn your final copy in to  -

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