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CRHS_Honors English 10 AVID_Greek Tragedy: Databases for Greek Tragedy Research


Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library

On the "Arts" shelf, choose Arts and Humanities Throughout the Eras.  Type your keyword into the search box on the right-hand side of the screen.

World History in Context

Type topic keyword(s) into the search box; click on article title--note that you can cite the article by clicking on "citation" on the right hand side or by scrolling down to the end of the article.  Off-campus log-in needed!  (User:  anoka   ;  Password:  anokaremote  )

Gale Student Resources in Context

Reference articles from American Decades. Periodical, newspaper articles form New York Tines, USA Today, etc. Primary sources. Multimedia records including charts, graphs, maps, and video.  Video and audio from NBC, NPR, and others. Off-campus log-in needed!  (User:  anoka   ;  Password:  anokaremote  )