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CPHS_English_Isms Paper : Evaluation

Grading Rubric for this Project

English 9 Trimester B Common Assignment:

Research Paper


4 - Sophisticated

3 - Skilled

2 - Sufficient

1 - Insufficient



Contains an introduction that establishes the central idea of the writing and engages the audience.

Skillfully incorporates an organizational structure to progress, enhance, or clarify the central idea of the research paper.

Ends with a conclusion that effectively restates the central idea and provides closure by providing a statement of importance.

Introduction establishes the purpose of the essay and attempts to engage the audience.

The central idea is developed in the body of the paper by a purposeful organizational structure.

Conclusion restates the central idea and attempts to provide closure.

Introduction seeks to engage the audience and set a purpose, one or both are lacking.

The central idea can be followed throughout the body of the research paper.

Conclusion lacks a restatement of the central idea, or does not provide closure.

Introduction and conclusion are either absent or are significantly underdeveloped.

The central idea cannot be easily followed throughout the research paper.


Research is abundant and well chosen for the central idea, information is skillfully woven into the paper with a blend of paraphrased information and strong direct quotations.

Research is deeply analyzed and thoroughly explained in a way that directly relates it to the central idea. Complexities and discrepancies are identified and explained.  

Research is present and works to support the central idea. Paraphrased information and direct quotes are present, but they disrupt the flow of ideas in places.

Analysis of research is attempted, but lacks depth and/or specific connections to the central idea.

Research is minimal and too broad to effectively support the central idea.

Contains direct quotes and paraphrases, but the information is lengthy and significantly breaks the flow of ideas.

Very little analysis of research is given, and connection to the central idea is indirect or unstated.

Research is scarce or non-existent and it does not support the central idea.

May or may not contain paraphrases and / or direct quotes.

Borrowed information ruins the flow of ideas.

No analysis given. Information is not tied back to the central idea.


References page follows APA format exactly.All direct quotes and paraphrases correctly follow APA guidelines.

Reflects strong research, contains a variety of resources and meets all resource requirements.

References page follows APA format with minor format errors.

Direct quotes and paraphrases mostly adhere to APA guidelines.

Contains some variety of resources and meets all resource requirements.

References page attempts to follow APA format, but contains minor errors throughout.

Direct quotes and paraphrases contain frequent formatting errors.

Very little resource variety.

References page does not attempt to follow APA format.

Few if any direct quotes or paraphrases are cited. The ones that are cited contain major errors.

Fails to meet resource requirements. Does not reflect strong research.

Formal Style and Language Control

Writer maintains formal academic voice.

Word choice is precise and selected with an adult audience in mind.

Sentence structure has variety and complexity.

Mechanical errors are minimal or non-existent.

Writer usually maintains formal academic voice.

Word choice is sometimes specific and selected for an adult audience

Sentence structure is varied.

A few mechanical errors may exist but do not distract the reader.

Writer attempts  formal academic voice but is inconsistent.

Word choice is simplistic but is pertinent for an adult audience.

Sentence structure is somewhat repetitive

Mechanical errors exist but do not distract the reader.

Voice is not academic.

Writing relies on simple words and sentences that do not appeal to the adult audience.

Mechanical errors exist and distract the reader