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CRHS_English 10 ContempResist_Guevara: 1. Your Assignment

Understand your Responsibilities


Ask, "What's the task?  What types of information do I need?"

Think about the final product you will need to create, and consider what special requirements you need to follow! 


Task Details for Your Project

Individual Responsibility and Resistance

You and your partner are going to conduct research on an individual or a group involved in resistance today. You will present your findings in a three to five-minute presentation and incorporate visuals (photographs, maps, letters, diaries, memoirs, poems, songs).  Include the following information:

  • Identify the group: members, purpose (make sure you include who, what, when, where, why)  What did they fight for?  Who did they fight against?

  • What type of resistance was it (physical, peaceful)?

  • What risks did they take?  (None? Physical? Financial? Social? Mental?)

  • What would happen to them if they are caught?

  • What emotional, mental, intellectual, financial, physical, and social resources did they use?  How well organized?

  • What did they accomplish? Were they successful? How did you decide if they were successful?

  • What difference could an individual make?

  • Include a positive critique of the group from a different source.  

  • Include a negative critique of the group from a different source.

You must have at least three sources.

You need to

  1. Upload the Google Slides (Powerpoint) onto Google Classroom.

  2. Present the teacher with a printed References page before giving the presentation

If you are working with a partner, divide the work equally so that each of you will be responsible for giving part of the presentation.  

In presenting your information, deliver it in an organized fashion: do not say "In answer to number 1..." For example, begin with telling who the individuals are, their group, where they were located, and what they did. Then go on to discuss what type of resistance (physical or peaceful) and the risks they took and continue on.  I would use at least one slide for each question and include a visual on each slide. Following the presentation you will complete an individual and group evaluation of your work.