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CRHS_English 10 ContempResist_Guevara: 1. Choosing a Resistance Group

Resistance Groups & Sociopolitical Movement Groups in the News in 2016

Here are some Protest and Resistance Groups and Movements in the news recently

  • Standing Rock Tribe protesting Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL)
  • Black Liberation Collective
  • Anti-Fracking protesters
  • Occupy Wallstreet
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Ethiopian Protests - Summer 2016
  • "Up All Night" (Nuit Debout ) - France
  • Climate/Environmental Activists such as GreenPeace
  • Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQ Equality)
  • Microagressions Project
  • Rebel forces in Syria


Check out these links for more ideas:

Amnesty International

College Campus Protests (2016)

Peace Groups Associated with Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Popular Resistance Website 

Southern Poverty Law Center

Top 10 American Protest Movements (Historical to Modern)

United Nations Campaigns



Want to Choose Your Own Topic?

Tips for searching for even more topic ideas:

1.  "Google it!"  Try several searches in Google with search terms such as "political movements," "protest," "socio political," America (or another country or region!)

Sample Google Search strings:

political movements protests US 2016

protests resistance America 2000s

sociopolitical movements 2016

2.  Read the search result snippets and click on links to try to locate groups and movements that interest you AND that lend themselves to the requirements of your project.  

(Ask, "If I choose this group, and read more websites/articles,

will I be able to complete the requirements of the assignment?")

3.  Have your topic (resistance/protest group) approved by your instructor!

Google Web Search

Google Web Search