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CRHS_ESL V Holocaust_Chandler: 2. Tips for Researching

Ferguson created LibGuide for research project partnered with NIGHT reading

Strategies for your Search


Ask, "What are all the possible sources to check on my topic?  Which sources will have the best information?"

Remember that it is your responsibility to evaluate your sources carefully.

How to Research

How to research your topic:

  • Use "Gale: Research in Context" or “Gale: Student Resources in Context” in order to find articles and information about your topic (See Tab "3. Databases" Above)

  • Annotate articles in Gale and save them to your Google Drive (See Tab "4. How to Highlight and Take Notes in Gale"

  • Use the two websites to research your topic (See Tab "3. Websites" Above)

  • Do NOT begin organizing and writing your project until you have completed extensive research

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them

Keyword Searching

Evaluate Your Sources - Remember "RADCAB"