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CRHS_English 10 Oppression Research_Team: 1. Your Assignment

Understand your Responsibilities


Ask, "What's the task?  What types of information do I need?"

Think about the final product you will need to create, and consider what special requirements you need to follow! 


Project Documents

Task Details for Your Project

Oppressors/Oppressed Research Presentation

Step 1: Select a topic & create research questions

Select a group of people that have been oppressed in history or are currently being oppressed.  Develop one or multiple research questions that you want to answer in your presentation.


Step 2: Research

Once you’ve selected your topic, you will be required to find 3-4 reliable and credible sources discussing your topic to use for your presentation. (See Tabs 2 and 3 above for help with finding high-quality information.)


Step 3: Create your presentation visual

After you have developed a firm understanding of your topic, you will begin creating your visual. You should work to create a slideshow presentation, preferably through Google Docs. Budget your time appropriately. There will be limited lab time in class, so if you don’t have reliable access to a computer outside of class, you need to discuss with me presentation alternatives.


Your presentation should include the following:

Slide 1: Title slide with name, topic, hour, and graphic

Slide 2:  Attention Getter -Why is this topic important to our class?  Why should we be listening?

Slide 3: Background = Topic description and definition

Slides 4-6: 9-12 bullets describing and explaining your topic*

*Note: You will need to include at least three pictures in your presentation with "Image taken from" and their URLs above or below them.

Slide 7:  Closing Slide - Powerful Ending/Call to Action

Slide 8: References List


Step 4: Present

After you’ve created your presentation visual, you will deliver a 3-5 minute presentation on your topic. During this time, you will discuss what you learned about your topic. You will deliver this presentation with the aid of your presentation visual and any note cards you would like to use. This must be planned out and rehearsed so you are not reading directly off the slide.