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CRHS_English 10 Oppression Research_Team: 2. Tips for Researching

Strategies for your Search


Ask, "What are all the possible sources to check on my topic?  Which sources will have the best information?"

Remember that it is your responsibility to evaluate your sources carefully.

How to Research

Some basic research "power tips" to remember:

  • Use "advanced search" options when they are available to give you more control of the search results you receive
  • Search using keywords, not full sentences or questions.  This is essential in database searching!
  • Apply filters (full text, type of publication, date, etc.) to limit results to a manageable number
  • Still too many results?  Try adding more keywords.  
  • Use "quotation marks" around a multi-word search term to search for that exact sequence of words on a page
  • Too few results?  Try a broader search with a more general word or fewer keywords.
  • Look past the first page of results.
  • Get ideas for more search terms as you read an article that is a "good fit" with your assignment.  Check for "Related Subjects" lists in some databases.
  • Ctrl+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac) will search for text within a webpage or any other digital document.  Use this strategy to find specific information on a page.
  • Collect APA citation information as you go, so you will not have to back-track later!
  • Be patient!  Realize that quality researching takes time and multiple tries.  You will learn a lot if you are persistent.

Evaluate Your Sources - Remember "RADCAB"