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CPHS_English 10 - Resistance Movements: Define Task

Info to Gather

Individual Responsibility and Resistance Research Presentation – English 10A

You and your partner(s) are going to conduct research on a group involved in a current resistance movement against oppression. You will present your findings in a five to ten-minute presentation incorporating visuals (photographs, maps, letters, diaries, memoirs, poems, songs) to enhance your audience’s understanding of the movement.  Information to include:

  • Identify the group:

    • Who is being oppressed? Where are they located?  How many of them are there?

    • Who, what, and why are they resisting?

      • What specific things have happened to this group that are causing them to resist?

    • What do they hope to achieve/what is their mission?

  • What mode of resistance is this?  (Physical force, peaceful protest, letter writing campaign, boycott, etc.)

    • What specific examples of this are currently happening?

  • What resources do they have and/or use (financial, volunteers, media, social media, celebrities, politicians)?

    • What examples of this are there?

  • What have they accomplished so far?

    • How has this group had a positive impact on an individual person or people?

  • What, if anything, are people outside of this group doing to help?  

    • What examples of this are there?

  • Include the most important negative critique or common misconception about the group from a different source (does not need to be from a credible source).

    • Include a counter argument of the negative critique


  • Each group must have at least three sources for its topic.

  • Each group needs to present the teacher with a typed Works Cited page before giving the presentation.

  • In your group, divide the work equally so that each student will be responsible for giving part of the presentation.