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CPHS_English 11B - Essay: Home



Choose a marginalized American culture from a specific period of the Contemporary era (1940 to present). In a full-process essay, explore the unique American Dream that group was working towards. Research how the historical context of your period influenced both the marginalized group and their dream. Finally, determine whether or not they attained their dream. Provide evidence to support your claims.


Marginalized Groups:



People of Color




American Indian


Working Class

People Living in Poverty

Other (teacher approval required)


Within each of these marginalized groups are multiple subgroups which you are also encouraged to explore (e.g., Women of Color, Japanese Americans, Latino Immigrants, Migrant Workers, etc.)


Possible Structure:

Introduction & Research Question

Historical Context of Time Period

Marginalized Group in Context

Description of Culture’s American Dream

Conclusion: Did they get their dream? Connection to Present.



Six sources from the databases

Five quotes from each source

Fifteen paragraph essay (with Reference and cover page)