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BHS_Meteorology Research- KEMPE: Getting Started

Meteorology Research Topics taken from

Suggested Research Paper Topics Physical meteorology covers a wide variety of topics. You may select your research topic from the following list of suggestions or come up with a topic on your own. Please do not feel obligated to choose something from this list, but if you would like to study something else, please make sure that it falls within the scope of physical meteorology by first running it by Mr Kempe before you begin!

Noctilucent clouds


Effects of the surface energy balance on …

Lightning detection

Effect of electric fields on atmospheric halos

Snow crystals

Theories of charge separation in thunderstorms

Greenhouse effect (with a focus on methane, water vapor, etc.)

Aurora borealis

Ozone depletion: Causes and effects

The Antarctic ozone hole

Solar radiation and clouds

Doppler radar (anomalous propagation, dual-polarization, false echoes, etc.)

Study, formation, and suppression of hailstones

Effect of clouds on longwave radiation

Fata Morgana

Detecting water phase differences with radar


Lightning (sprites, elves, blue jets, ball, positive, etc.)


Cloud effects on the Earth’s energy budget

Green flash

LIDAR and current research on its usefulness for meteorological applications

Optical phenomena

Drop size distributions







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