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CPHS_Civics 9 - Dystopian Literature Project: Assignment

Mr. Hedlund's Assignment for the Dystopian Literature Project

Dystopian Literature Essay

Topic of Essay (this is what you are writing about, re-read this 10 times):

Dystopian literature vividly portrays a vision of a “brutalized or manipulated humanity.”  Discuss (identify and explain) the actions of the government and the main character/active citizen/protagonist in your chosen literature. Additionally, identify the warning that you believe the author is offering society to watch out for.  Your essay should have specific references and/or quotes from the text to characters, events, themes and symbols.


Essay Format (verify that each one of paragraphs has the required info).

1- (1st paragraph). Introduction Paragraph:

  1. Title and author of your novel
  2. Overview of plot (no more than 3-5 sentences)
  3. Quote from book that HELPS prove your statements.
  4. A thesis sentence that introduces the 3 topics of essay.

a)      The oppressive government

b)      The role of an active citizen

c)      The warning the author is giving


2 - (2nd Paragraph). Body A Paragraph – The Government:

     1.  How does the government described in your book meet the definition of a dystopia?

            a)  Describe several characteristics of the government in your novel (the what).

            b)  Which type/form of government do you think it is (the what)?

            c)  Explain how people are deprived, oppressed, or live in terror (the why).

            d)  Quote(s) from the book that HELP prove your statements/analysis


3 - (3rd Paragraph). Body B Paragraph – The Character (Active Citizen Role/Protagonist):

  1. Find the ACTIVE citizen in the society.
  2. Describe the character’s role and responsibilities as a citizen of their world (the what).  
  3. How did the citizen’s actions (or lack of actions) have an impact on their society (the why)? 
  4. What are one or two positive and negative consequences of these actions (the why)?
  5. Quote(s) from the book that HELP prove your statements/analysis


4 - (4th Paragraph). Body C Paragraph- The Warning:

  1. Describe the warning given by your author (the why).
  2. Support this with a quote or example from the book.  Try to find a good quote that summarizes the author’s concern.  This is really important to your paper.
  3. Quote(s) from the book that HELP prove your statements/analysis


5 - (5th Paragraph). Conclusion:

  1. Summarize the main points of each paragraph. 
  2. Give a concluding statement on what is to be learned from this dystopian novel.



·         750-1,200 words (this is approx.. 2-3 pages of 1 inch margin, 12 pt Times New Roman Font)

·         Work must be submitted to for approval unless a PREVIOUSLY arranged method is determined by the teacher and student.

·         Essays will follow the 5 paragraph model.  This means the paper has an introduction with a thesis, a body and a conclusion.  The essay should answer the question and also show some higher level of thinkingA good essay will go beyond recalling facts and show analysis


Use this to keep track of the important people and events in your book.