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CPHS_FACS - Consumer Living Project: Define Topic

Standards Met:,,,,,

Topic Ideas

Choose from this list of products:

blu-ray players               house and deck stains       smart phones            

camcorders                     laptop computers                snow blowers

chain saws                      lawn mowers                       sound bars

coffeemakers                  lawn tractors                        space heaters

cooktops                          microwaves                         streaming media players

desktop computers        paint, exterior                      tablets   

digital cameras               paint, interior                       TVs   

dishwashers                   printers, all-in-one              vacuum cleaners  

dryers                               printers, regular                  wall ovens

gas grills                          ranges                                   washers

generators                      refrigerators

Consumer Shopping Research Project Assignment Sheet

Car Review Research Project Assignment Sheet

Click on the PDF file below for a copy of Ms. Brumbaugh's Car Review Asignment: