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CPHS_Creative Writing - Ramsey House - Historical Fiction Assignment: Assignment Overview

What Is Historical Fiction?

Click here for a definition of  HISTORICAL FICTION.

The Ramsey House Assignment

Kronzer’s CW II Super Awesome Historical Fiction Adventure Project


Learning Targets:

  1. As a creative writer, I feel comfortable with the research process that helps me discover background information about a topic.

  2. I can present my research and share it in a way that is engaging and memorable.

  3. I can use my research to inform my writing.


  1. Small groups will be assigned an area of research.

  2. Each group will have three days to scour the library, data bases, and the Internet for all relevant information on their topic.

  3. Each group will use the two subsequent days in the library to prepare their presentation for the class. It must be creative and informative.

    1. Examples:

      1. A talk show that interviews salient people about their lives

      2. A scene from a reality TV show about the family

      3. Some sort of game that we all play

  4. Attend the field trip where you will knock the socks off the tour guides with your excellent, provocative questions. (Also, you will have a super good time. There will be food. And F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Well, a statue of him anyway.))

  5. Armed with the research and experience of the field trip, you will write a piece of historical fiction which we will take through the revision process.

Research Groups

Governor Alexander Ramsey

late Victorian era (let’s go with 1860-1890)


1. Ramsey House & St. Paul    

2. Clothing, Speech, Family life

3. Ramsey Family                                    

4. Servants/Working Class

5. Dakota War                                

6. Ramsey As Governor

Author Ruta Sepetys on Researching "Between Shades of Gray"

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