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CPHS_APUSH - Decades Project: Assignment

Standards Met:,,

Mr. Darda's Assignment

                                                                                   U.S. HISTORY/ENGLISH BLOCK DECADES PROJECT


Students will be organized into large presentation groups.  Each group is then assigned a decade and has the task of researching, gathering artifacts (pictures, items, costumes, video clips etc…), and eventually giving a collective 25-45 minute presentation on that decade to the entire block class. 

Requirements before your presentation:

  1. Read & take notes on all textbook summaries relevant to your decade. Outline the Textbook
  1. Research & Complete Typed Bibliography  

               ·         See list of requirements on page 3-4

               ·         Take notes on note cards according to teacher instructions and MLA citations

               ·         Attempt to vary your sources among books, databases, websites, personal interviews…

               ·         Evaluate each of your sources on your typed bibliography (see page 3-4)

  1. MAKE TIME to MEET with your group outside of class to organize and plan your presentation:

               ·         Weekend time: How many weekends do you have prior to your presentation?--take advantage of them!

               ·         School time: Arrange time in advisement, before, or after school

  1. Typed group outline (1 per group) of your presentation— Due on day of presentation.

               ·         Turn into Mr. Larson a minute prior to your presentation

Requirements during your presentation:

1.       Format

         §  Introduction: Attention getter, purpose, preview

         §  Main Points with transitions

         §  Conclusion: Summary, re-state purpose, clincher

2.       Mechanics:

            ·         Eye Contact: You may use memory, note cards, or an outline.   AVOID READING!

            ·         Visual Aids: Goolge Doc Slides with large pictures, costumes, video clips (limited to two minutes and approved by Darda/Larson) and                      artifacts, (e.g. high school year book from the 1970’s) may be used.  Transform the classroom into your decade! 

            ·         Time: Minimum of 25-minute presentation time, maximum of 45-minute presentation time (all group members must say something significant                      and be involved).

            ·         Voice projection

            ·         Class involvement

3) Required Content to Present on:


q  Is this event significant?

q  Is your summary of the event accurate, concise, clear, your own words?

q  How did this event impact the decade?

q  Do you have a picture/clip/artifact that illustrates this event?

q  Remember to concentrate on your decade (e.g.-if you presenting on the 60’s and you are discussing the Vietnam war, be sure to leave the end of the war 1973 to the 70’s group. 


q  Is this person significant?

q  Did you include all the presidents of the decade?

q  Is your summary of the event accurate, concise, clear, your own words?

q  How did this person impact the decade?

q  Do you have a picture/clip/artifact that illustrates this event?


q  What did people do for fun?

q  What was the popular music, radio shows/movies/T.V. shows

q  What did most people dress like/fashion?

q  What were some common slang words/fads?

q  Popular foods/restaurants

q  How did the decade impact these changes in culture?


q  What were some significant inventions?  How did they impact society?

q  What were some major scientific events (Space, Medicines…)?

q  Pictures/artifacts to enhance your presentation


q  What groups of people lost and or gained rights during this decade?  What rights were gained?  Lost?

q  How (specifically) did this group or groups of people lose/gain rights?

q  Common groups in this category: Minority groups--women--African Americans--native Americans—Asians--homosexual, Veterans, youth…

q  Why did this gain or loss of rights occur?

q   Has this pattern continued in future decades? 

q  Pictures and quotes to enhance this portion of your presentation.

PRIMARY SOURCE (at least 1 displayed & explained):

q  Speeches

q  War/protests/campaign Posters

q  Government documents

q  Present on at least one


Select two songs from the decade that represent its culture and or events well

Make a video for each of the two songs you select, we suggest using I-Movie

q  Add still pictures, video clips, text and, or recorded images to your video that highlight the political, social, and cultural events

Be sure the start shows song title, artist, and year & your group names

Be sure the last slide rolls your sources of where you got the majority of your pictures, videos

q  Mr. Darda has a “Popular song CD” for each decade that can be checked out to sample, use, or gain ideas for your song selection.

q  Follow this order—preview songs/lyrics/events/people of decade, discuss with group, create storyboard and turn in, Edit-import song, pictures, create titles, final edits, SAVE!!!!


q  What genre or genres of music impacted this decade? 

q  What artists became popular or represented the popular music during this time?

q  How did the political or cultural events of this decade impact its music?

q  What music tracks or artists will you play or perform examples of ?


q  Identify and explain popular American literature from your decade

q  What poets and poems represent the decade?

SKIT: Does your skit illustrate the decade? & Does it make sense to the audience?  Are all members involved?  Is it visual?  Are voices projected?  Is it appropriate?