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CPHS_Honors Science 9 - Science Fair Project: Assignment Overview

This guide will assist CPHS Honors Science 9 students in completing research for their Science Fair projects. Standards Met:,,


Getting Started on the Honors Science Project
Today you are going to learn about the resources that we have in our LMC, how to effectively search for resources on the Internet and what the rules and regulations are for your Honors Project. You will also start to search for your topic idea and begin developing the question that you will try to answer with your Honors Project. Use this time well!

Part One: Ms. Hackenmiller
Ms. Hackenmiller, the librarian, will show you what resources we have available in the LMC. She will also show you how to use search engines more efficiently. Take notes below on what she tells you – she is an EXPERT, and you will get a ton of useful information. Here are a few questions that you should make sure that you get answers to:

What resources does the LMC have? (List the names, where to find them and what information they have.)

What is a secondary source?

What is a primary source?

Where can I learn how to cite sources for my research paper?

How do you design better Internet searches?

Part Two: Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

This is the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) website. We follow their rules and guidelines.This page has the rule book and all of the forms that you will use on your project. Click on the "Resources" link on the left hand side of the page and check out the Student Handbook. This is a great resource that gives you an overview of the entire process that you will be going through with this project.

Part Three: Finding a Topic
It is time for you to start looking for a topic for your project. This is the HARDEST step because you have so many different areas to choose from. You really need to find a topic that you are interested in and that you want to learn more about. Please note that your project must be in the areas of physics and/or chemistry. Your job in this section is to write down 5 project ideas/topic areas that you are interested in.These might be actual questions that you want to answer or just topic areas that interest you. Here are some sites to get you started. Click on the website Logo to go to the website itself.

(This site is a great resource for you. This page highlights different areas of science. Look at the top of the page and click on the “SciFair Zone” link. Spend some time at this page looking at actual projects and going through the various links.) (This is the site for our District Fair. Isn’t that picture awesome? Check out their sources for 6-12 projects. There are some really good web pages listed there.)

(This site has current Science articles that you might find interesting.)


(This site has current Science articles that you might find interesting.)

Search for sites/topics on your own. Use what you learned from Ms. Eikenberry to search for sites of your own. Remember to think of things that interest you (hobbies, activities, etc.). The Honors Project works best when you choose a topic that you are interested in and a question that you really want to know the answer to. Starting today, you need to work on your Honors Project a minimum of 1 hour/ week outside of school. Picking a topic is the toughest part of the whole process. 


Honors Project Due Dates

September 30: Final Honors Project Ideas Due
- You need to have your project idea finalized. 

October 14: Review of Literature paper – Rough Draft Due

October 21: Review of Literature Paper Peer Edits Due
- You will review the papers of three other students and your own paper. 

October 28: Review of Literature Paper – Final Draft Due
- This is the version of your paper that Mr. Molohon will grade. 

November 4: Review of Literature Re-Writes and ISEF Due:
- This only matters if you made changes to your paper after I graded it. 

My goal is that all of my students will have started doing their experiments by November and that they can finish everything by early January.