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Project Informaton

Biography/Expository Research Paper 5 paragraph essay


Subject’s name _________________________________________________

1st paragraph: 2-3 sentences

Introduce your person by name with an interesting fact or quote.

2nd paragraph: 5-8 sentences

Tell about your person’s family/personal background:

       Where is their family from/where did s/he grow up?

       What was their childhood like?

       Tell about your person’s educational background.

3rd paragraph: 5-8 sentences

Tell about your person’s accomplishments

       What kind of jobs did s/he have?

       How did s/he get into the job s/he has now?

       What is s/he known (famous) for? 

4th paragraph: 5-8 sentences

Tell about your person’s challenges in life.

       What got in the way of her/him meeting their goal?

       How did they respond when things got hard? 

5th paragraph: 2-3 sentences

Summarize why your person is important. 

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