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AHS_Iconic Image Research : 1.Task Definition class documents

Step 1: Task Definition


Iconic Image Impact Essay

Iconic Image Impact Essay


Preliminary plan for research

Iconic Image Impact Essay Planning Sheet


This planning sheet should be completed as you begin the FIRST draft of your essay.  You will need to turn in this plan to your instructor on the day your first draft is due for writing group feedback.



Iconic Image:_____________________________________


Circumstances under which the image first “appeared” and a brief description of it:




Why is this image significant—why do you consider it an iconic image?




List below the topics of discussion in your essay and label their “role” related to the image (main effect, initial or immediate effect, unintended side effect, Creation of image, Description/Analysis of Image, Spread of image, later effect, far-reaching effect, etc.)


Number the topics in the order in which you plan to write about them in the essay (1=first):