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CPHS_English_Isms Paper : Define Topic

Planning Guide

Step 1: Pick a social issue (racism, colorism, ageism, sexism, classism, sizeism, accentism, etc).

Step 2: Write a research question for your paper. When looking at bias and stereotypes, ask the following questions:  

  • What are some of the key causes of _____________?

  • What are some of the significant effects of _________?

Step 2: Research the significant effects of the social issue (race discrimination, skin lightening/hair processing due to colorism, age discrimination, eating disorders due to sizeism, etc).

Step 3: Choose three sources that talk about the social issue.

Step 4: Write a research paper that discusses the social issue in the real world.


Where do we find good sources?


Here are some places to look for good sources

Here are some places to avoid

Databases (

New York Times

Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal

The Guardian

ABC News

CBS News

Associated Press (AP)

Breitbart News




The Blaze

The Daily Caller

Addicting Info

Natural News

Occupy Democrats

David Wolfe

U.S. Uncut

Google the Zimdars List of fake news sites

Fishy URLs (.co/.su/.net)