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RMS - LMC Home: SS7 US Studies Pivotal Moments

Starting point for our Library Media Center

Wonder Wander

1. Task Definition

 Step 1: Task Definition

2. Seek Information

Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies

  • I brainstormed key words and sources to find credible information.
  • I used the LibGuide to find resources for my project.

3. Gather Information and Cite Sources

Step 3: Locate and Access


Destiny Quick Link  

*Log in with your AH-Connect/grades username and password. If accessing the databases from home, you will need to log in with the eResources username and password. At RMS, this information is found on page 4 of your planner. Non-RMS students, please see your librarian for help if you don't know the eResources username and password.

4. Use Information


Step 4: Use of Information

  • I thought about what I learned and wrote a rough draft of my text.
  • I had my ideas approved by my teacher.


5. Synthesis


Step 5: Synthesis

  • Name and Hour

  • Primary Source Image

  • Title of Primary Source and Year

  • You may include other images

  • Background information (5Ws)

  • Explanation of how the event represents the democratic values and principles of the United States


6. Evaluate


Step 6:  Evaluation


  • I proofread.

  • I gave myself a grade on the rubric.

  • I did the Self-Assessment